There's nothing like real stamps/ No hay nada como las verdaderas estampillas

Both pictures are from Jackal, vía Pinterest/ Ambas fotos son de Jackal, vía Pinterest.

A few weeks ago, Merissa and I have realized we both like to send and recieve regular mail, and by regular I mean traditional, and by traditional I mean this kind of mail where you put letters, cards, postcards and the things you want in an envelope with real stamps.
If you visit her blog, you'll enjoy the freshness of the photos she takes and learn something about hawaiian culture.

Hace algunas semanas, Merissa y yo nos dimos cuenta que a las dos nos gusta enviar y recibir correo tradicional y al decir tradicional, me refiero al tipo de correo donde uno mete cartas, fotos, postales, tarjetas y demás yerbas en un sobre con estampillas de verdad.

Si visitan su blog, podrán disfrutar de la frescura de sus fotos y aprender algo sobre cultura hawaiana.

Now I'm thinking about what I'm going to send next and I smile...

Ahora pienso en lo que enviaré próximamente y sonrío...

4 comentarios:

Merissa Cherie dijo...

Aloha Kira,
I am so glad we are using real stamps and writing letters! And I hope that your readers will get inspired to get some letters in the mail to their friends and family too. (^–^) Cheers to mail!

MamaJ dijo...

Kira! Would you like postage from Singapore too? Would love to exchange mail with you as well, we've been embarking on a postcard project with the little boy right now to learn about places around the world!

Carolyn dijo...

I agree! I also send bills by snail mail. I want to help the postal workers to keep their jobs!

ti-igra dijo...

HOW GREAT! :) Dears, fantastic! I love tradition mail too! Also, I love to hold paper in my hands and read words by hand of author :)

Just amazing how your friend did photos! :)))