Esperando ideas / Waiting for ideas

( Yes, it's a salty watercolor)

I can't believe I'm still working on this cactus.

It's a big watercolor (50 x 70 cm) and I'm having doubts about the back... should I paint it? Should I leave it white? I want to know your opinion. Any suggestions?

No puedo creer que todavía siga trabajando en esta acuarela.

Es grande (50 x 70cm) y estoy teniendo dudas acerca del fondo. Debería pintarlo? Debería dejarlo blanco? Quiero conocer vuestra opinión. Alguna sugerencia?

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ti-igra dijo...

Dearest Kira! They are adorable!!!!!! :DDDDDD This cactus is as a celebrating or baloons in holidays! Such alive, wonderful colors and forms!! :)))
I'm feels like in dreamy childhood days! HERMOSO!
My hugs to this cute cactus and for YOU!

Carolyn dijo...

Hi Kira - love your cactus. If cactus could turn into balloons and float away, these could! As far as the background - some people play with it in photoshop first - before they actually paint the background. Maybe a background that gets lighter toward the top so you don't lose the airiness and lightness.

ti-igra dijo...

Oh, Kira! I love this background!!! :)
It is very transperent and looks like air around cactus-baloons! :D


Just White dijo...

Leave it like this. It is so good, excuse my artistic eye, I thought they were balloons but is a cactus, thanks for saying, I can see it now.
Love it! I think it doesn't need a background, but this is just my opinion.
Love, Eliana

Euphoria dijo...

I see you all saw balloons in my cactus, girls!!! You are probably right! I like your idea C, I'll see what I can do... Thanx a lot!