I fell in love with the night/ Me enamoré de la noche

Darkness inspires me.
La oscuridad me inspira.

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ti-igra dijo...

Oh! Kira, you have a fantastic night dreaming! :) You saw a wonderful constellation! Let it be always near you! :-) Cats forever and wonderful watercolours! HUG!

Carolyn dijo...

Starry night - and here too - we also enjoyed a beautiful full moon on a summer's night at a friend's house, sitting outside in the patio. Many of the stars shine down on you too! It is a small world, really. I am so glad we are friends!

Euphoria dijo...

Ira: I know my cat invents constellations in his dreams. He is so creative!
Carolyn: What a lovely comment, thank you, I agree with you. It is a small world after all, and internet is a wonderful invention.
Have a great weekend my blogger friends!!!