This moment / Este momento

Joining Soule Mama and Lolalina in a Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week.

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dondelohabredejado dijo...

Los pescaron con las manos en la masa!!
Ay, la sonrisa de ese neneeeeee!!!!
Gracias por compartir la magia del momento.

Laura dijo...
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Laura dijo...

Such a sweet moment!! You both look like you are having a ball. Sorry for deleting my last comment, I got confused :D Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your weekend! xo Laura

ti-igra dijo...

WOW! How beautiful you are!!!! :)
Kira! You are shining as a sun!

Biiig HuuuG from rainy day! :) And from me!
Obnimayu! :)