Black Kitty Loves Spring

Mi amiga Ira de Ucrania me ha inspirado con algunas fotos de su gato y por eso pinté a este gatito negro amante de la primavera.

My friend Ira from Ukraine inspired me with some pictures of her cat, that´s why I painted this black kitty.

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Carolyn dijo...

Happy cat who loves the garden! I love the happy colors and spots of flowers and the cute design on the cat!

ti-igra dijo...

Uhuhuuuuuu!!!!! :-D Mi amiga Kira, este es mi gato!!! :D
Oh! She is really beautiful on your picture! Her tail is really as on your picture! She likes to sleep and walk in the garden between grass and flowers.

You have really felt her character and her soul!
How wonderful and nice! To see my Kitty in your watercolour!!!! Thank you!!!!

Spasibo, dorogaya Kira! :*

HUGS and kisses! And "Hello" from Kitty to you and your Cat! :)
HUrrrrrrray! :D

ti-igra dijo...

And also I want to tell you about flowers on this picture! How wonderful they are! They are looks like growing up and bending under light wind! And they fly through the air like fluff :))))))


Euphoria dijo...

Thank you girls. It´s so nice to wake up and read your kind words!!!

dondelohabredejado dijo...

Sólo alguien que ama a los gatos puede captar en un trabajo (que no es naturalista) la esencia de la alegría que ellos transmiten.
Me encanta!!
Te dejo un beso, feliz eclipse.