Gatos y tejados / Cats and roofs

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Carolyn dijo...

This is sooooo cute! Love it!

ti-igra dijo...

Kira, my friend!!! How beautiful and cute this illustration!!!

Tak skazochno!!!

I see my window! :-)))) Ihihiiiiii!!!
I am in a wonderful mood with your picture! I am travelling on the roof with your cats!!!

WOW! My Kitty is sitting - black one :-D And the Moon is sooo kind! I want to hug him!!!! :-D

P.S.Greetings with the Easter to youuu!!! "Khristos Voskrese!"

dondelohabredejado dijo...

Ayyyy, qué lindoooooooo!!!! Este trabajo es un amorrrrrrrr!!! Me encanta, me encanta, me encanta!!
te dejo un abrazo grandote, nena, que estés muy bien.