Childish garden

Esta pintura está dedicada a todos los lectores que hoy viven el primer día de primavera.

Prometo una más otoñal para los visitantes del hemisferio sur.

2 comentarios:

ti-igra dijo...

Wow! Kira, thank you very much! :-)
Your bright aquarelle make positive dreams in our mind! :-) All tactile feelings mix with watching colors and beautiful flowers on your picture! Even feel the fragrance of spring and the taste of floral honey in the air!!!
I love this beautiful aquarelle!

Какая чудесная картина, Кира! Мне нравится неимоверно! :-)
Вам удаётся писать акварелью свежие, яркие, светлые картины!
У нас действительно наступает весна, всё тает и скоро праздник Пасхи.

Carolyn dijo...

This is a delightful painting. It would make a cute children's birthday card, Easter card, wrapping paper, poster - you could even illustrate children's books. It is fresh and happy and makes me smile and feel good.