I want to share this article about my watercolors with you all!

You can read the article here : http://www.insplash.com.ua/node/95
There are two versions: russian and english (Pido perdón a los lectores que no leen dichos idiomas). I've never thought about publishing an interview about my art until Ira wrote to me. And I've never thought of publishing something about myself in a country I have never visited: Ukraine.
I guess that's one of the best things about globalization; global media and finding friends like Ira. Please visit her blog, her paintings and illustrations are beautiful: http://ti-igra.blogspot.com.ar/

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ti-igra dijo...

It was a BIG pleasure for me to write about you and your wonderful family, Kira!
You are very interesting creative person with kind and big soul, and I know more about you! And many young people in Eastern Europe now know about you :)!!!! Hello from them!

I am always thinking, how wonderful to be friends, even through thousands kilometres and ocean... I am very happy that we are friends! :)
And that you are happy!

Thank you, Kira!!!
P.S. Welcome to Ukraine!

Carolyn dijo...

Congratulations Kira and also Ira, for the beautiful interview. I enjoyed it so much! And now, I feel like I know you, Kira, even better!