My father gave me a box of twelve oil pastels and this is the result: watercolor+pastels+salt+water+ black pencil = seashells.

My blogger friends Ira and Carolyn inspired me.

Mi papá me regaló una caja de 12 pasteles al óleo y éste fue el resultado que obtuve: acuarelas+pasteles+sal+agua+lápiz negro= caracoles.

Además de la influencia maravillosa del mar, me inspiraron mis "bloggeramigas" Ira & Carolyn.

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ti-igra dijo...

It's a "wow!", I am in love :)
These shells looks like alive as if they lie quietly under the water...
Fascinated!!!! Movement and quietness in the same time!!!!!!! I have no words, emotions!!!!

Oh, Kira! You are my inspiration too!!! Thank you, friend, so much!!!!
Hugs to you and Carolyn!!! :D

Carolyn dijo...

Wow, Kira! Great combination! This looks great! I like the textures and the subtle changes in color. It is so different, and so beautiful!


Magnífico regalo eel de tu padre y esos caracoles...preciosos..parecen reales..Besos,Kira!!

Euphoria dijo...

Thank you Ira and Carolyn! You are the "pastel queens" and that's why I truly respect your comments. Any advice? Any suggestions? I feel like a 5 year old with new toys.


Pues Kira,hay una bloguera con un blog muy chulo,Mental Hesitation,que lleva un mes en tu tierra..Si te quieres pasar,este es es el link: