Happy times / Tiempos felices

(Using colours/usando colores)

( Human figure drawing/Figura humana)

(She loves drawing and I love to see her smile/ Ella ama "bujar" y yo amo verla sonreír)

5 comentarios:

Merissa Cherie dijo...

She is going to be a talented artist just like her mother :) That smile is adorable!

Euphoria dijo...

Thank you Merissa!

Euphoria dijo...

Thank you Merissa!

ti-igra dijo...

Oh!!! Larinka is growing and growing up!!! :)) I see the glow of creativity in her eyes! :D
Her art is Wonderful!!!!!! :D Wow!!! I see the face and the figure of Batman on the first! :D
Hugs to you both!!! Sweeties!

Carolyn dijo...

Yay! Another artist in the family!