For Malena / Para Malena

This is a Christmas present for Malena from her aunt Karina. She asked me to paint a fairy and you can see it here in both versions.
Merry Christmas to you all!
Este es un regalo de navidad para Malena de parte de su tía Karina, quien me pidió que le pinte una hada. Acá la pueden ver en sus dos versiones.
Feliz Navidad para todos!

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Carolyn dijo...

This is adorable! I'm sure she will love it. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Yes, it is sunny and warm in your area of the world on Christmas. I lived in Hawaii for 2 years while my children were very little. We had no fireplace! So we had to tell our little boy that Santa came in the front door!

J.Gutierrez dijo...

fantastico :)

ti-igra dijo...

Magnificently!!! Velikolepno! :-)
Kira, your watercolour-gift - so beautidul and light as sun light!!! :-)))
Wow! I feel positive and smiles on your face when you painted it!!! :)
Hurraaay!!! Merry Christmas to you!!!

Euphoria dijo...

Thank you so much C and T!!! Merry Christmas to you, my dear cyber friends!
Bienvenido J.G!

LAMINDY dijo...

Kira:Que tengas una muy feliz Navidad, junto a los que te quieren, que es lo que nos llena de fuerzas.
A bancarse a los parientes plomos, a arrimarnos a aquellos que nos hacen bien, y a disfrutar!

LBB dijo...

Oh my goodness...all the details, all the colors! It's so pretty!
Merry Christmas to you!

MamaJ dijo...

This is so so so beautiful!! Blessed Christmas to you and your family! Hugs from sunny Singapore!

Monty dijo...

Felices fiestas Kira!

MamaJ dijo...

Hi Kira!

Haven't seen you "around" on this blog for awhile... hope you and your family are good and enjoying the new year!