A story with no words / Una historia sin palabras

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ti-igra dijo...

Don't cry, Kira!!!
This is your sorrow for the painting?
This cartoon really touched my heart! :'-(
Here is my hand! And here is yours! I see the colors in veins.
You can not live without painting, because it is inside you!
Smile, please!!! :-)))

Carolyn dijo...

Sadness bursts into colors in the end. Yes, through sadness we can see beauty in little things. Sometimes life is hard, but there is a silver lining to the clouds...

Euphoria dijo...

Thank you both!!!!!!
Life is complicated sometimes, but I welcome all its colours!
Thanx again!!!

dondelohabredejado dijo...

Maravillosa historia. Creo que eso es el arte, transformar las tristezas en cosas bellas, las lágrimas en colores.
A veces nos toca pasar por situaciones muy duras y la creatividad y el amor nos ayudan a transformarlas y superarlas.
Te dejo un abracito.

MamaJ dijo...

Yes, smile ok? And I loved the story. Sometimes rainbows shine through teardrops, yes?