For Cecilia / Para Cecilia

Cecilia is a friendly name, just like Marina is. There´s Cecilia M. who lives in Patagonia and there´s Cecilia I. who lives here in Buenos Aires. Cecilia I. already bought a watercolour for her dining room and now she wants the one you see here for her living room. I hope she likes it!
Oh, and Marina A. (I have three friends with that name!!! Can you believe it?) wants a huge painting with Hydrangeas.
Cecilia es un nombre amigable para mi, tal como lo es Marina. Está Cecilia M. que vive en Patagonia y Cecilia I. que vive acá en Buenos Aires.
Cecilia I. ya compró una acuarela para su comedor y ahora me encargó el que ven aquí para su living. Espero que le guste!
Ah, y Marina A. (tengo tres amigas con ese nombre, pueden creerlo?) quiere una pintura gigante con Hortensias.

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Carolyn dijo...

This is beautiful and fresh, light and airy. I'm sure she will love it. I can't wait to see you paint hydrangeas! I love those flowers.

ti-igra dijo...

Such an interesting story about your friends with the same name! :) Coool!
I love your flowers, Kira! What would not say others that you paint flowers and flowers - that is great! Do it and give joy to your friends!
These colors are very beautiful in mix - heavenly and raspberry! And yet - these flowers are very beautiful in form and it seems that you invented the whole flower world!!!
Tsvety prekrasny! :-)Zamechatel'nyi podarok!

LBB dijo...

This is SO beautiful! I can see why your friend wants this painting! Do you have an Etsy shop?

Euphoria dijo...

Thank you girls!!! I am finishing the hydrangeas, I will post them soon.
Did I mention that my best friends are also pisces like me?
...and about etsy, no, I don´t have an account, I read about it but I still have my doubts, if you can tell me about your experiences, I will be very thankful!

dondelohabredejado dijo...

Bellísimos trabajos, con una frescura muy especial. Un lugar donde ponés estas acuarelas cambia la onda inmediatamente.

(las Cecilias y las Marinas somos muy linda gente, je je)

LBB dijo...

Hi there,
What doubts are you having? My Etsy experience has been pretty good...I won't go into details here but you can contact me via email through the contact button on my blog if you'd like to discuss more and I'd be happy to chat with you about it.
Thanks! ~Lynn

Euphoria dijo...

Gracias Marina!!!
Me gusta saber que transmiten buena energía. Ojalá así sea y sean una especie de feng shui en el hogar.

Anónimo dijo...

Me encantó la acuarela Kira!!! como siempre tienen frescura y por sobre todo mucho AMOR!!! ¡ Qué bueno!!! disfrutá mucho las vacaciones y cuando regreses hablamos.....BESOTES PARA TODA LA FAMILIA Y UNO ESPECIAL PARA LARA... Ceci